Thursday, 8 September 2011

Italian adventure - day 3, Rome

We got up early to be at the Sistine chapel early. (for anybody visiting, this is definitely not worth it. We still queued for two hours and when we left at midday there was nobody waiting there at all! Everybody obviously had the same idea!) It was so amazing but madly stressful as my back was real sore and loud tourists everywhere! There are a lot of different museums you work your way through before getting to the chapel. (I have a few pictures that I can't remember if they were from here or somewhere else.) 
In one of the museum spaces, there was a small gallery full of such amazing pieces of artwork. Among them were Francis Bacon, Mark Chagall and Salvador Dali. Hardly anybody even went through this part, there was a short cut into the chapel and as the crowds swarmed down there, a trickle of us took the quiet scenic route. While we were looking at Bacon, a family walked past and we overheard the dad saying to his child "Hurry up kids, this isn't real art, this is rubbish." Unbelievable!
I took a few sneaky photographs in the chapel (camera's are banned) but it was so dark, nothing came out, but I snapped these museum shots.
(Just check all the boobies on the lady in the second photograph!)

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  1. haha I love that comment about the Bacon painting. It was so impossibly hot the day we went, we were so grumpy! Its so amazing though, I loved the gallery of carved animals ! X