Thursday, 6 October 2011

Italian Adventure - day 3, Rome, continued

Two things: whoops, I posted the last post before I actually finished it and it took me a month to notice.
And secondly, I am very excite about Autumn and want to do new posts but I have all these Italy posts to catch up on. So I really, really, really promise to sort myself out and finish off all this holiday nonsense!

After we visited the Sistene Chapel, we were exhausted, hungry, aching and very hot. We were getting tired of tourists so we decided to get a train out to the edge of Rome (after we shared a tasty Margherita) and visit the Museo Civico Di Zoologia. The woman in the entrance desk, couldn't believe that we actually wanted to visit it and it took her a long time to persuade her we really did want to wander round rooms of animals with heaps of information in a different language. We had such a great time. The place was deserted and it was so nice to get some space and time together. There was an incredible collection of taxidermy, with over 10,000 species of birds alone!

After the Zoology Museum, we sat in the park under beautiful trees and people watched before grabbing some dinner and returning to the hostel for our last night in Rome.

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  1. Wow, it sound's amazing! I'd love to go there.
    Your dress is so pretty!

    Charlestown, xo.