Thursday, 6 October 2011

Italian Adventure - day 4 & 5, Florence

I was awoken at 5am with a combination of loud neighbours slamming doors, Liam snoring and really bad back pains. Our plan was to visit a flea market and then get a train over to Florence.
We missed the train, so caught the next one and it took four hours, where we got away with being on first class! We made friends with a lovely tour guide from Tuscany, who told us all the best secret places to visit.
Our new hostel was great! It was a beautiful old convent building with giant hallways and big windows. The staff were lovely, and they had a resident DJ!
After a great sleep (with many mosquito bites), we had an even greater breakfast. Fruit, yoghurt, cereal, pastries, juice and toast!
We liked Florence a lot! It is definatly our favourite place. We spent the day walking around, then visited the incredible Duomo. We also went all the way to the top, 463 steps to the Dome.

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