Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Italian adventure - Sienna and Pisa

From florence, we took a train to Sienna and spent the day there. We stayed in a strange hostel outside the town. It was pretty grey and damp, so we spent a lot of the time in restaurants, shops and church. The church in Sienna was amazing. We thought the Duomo in Florence was incredible, but this place blew us away. It was again too dark for any of my photographs come out. It was worth a trip to Sienna, just for that. (there wasn't really anything else to do there, and most of the restaurants were quite touristy, so not great quality food)
The next morning we returned to Florence via Pisa. I somehow managed to take a picture of the leaning tower that actually looks straight. oh dear. 

That night we stayed in a different hostel in Florence, that actually worked out to be someones house. We slept in a fold out bed in somebody's kitchen. It was a bit creepy but we were far too too tired to argue. And the woman who seemed to own it spoke hardly any english.

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  1. These pictures are making me miss Florence!
    I love the pictures, the colours are lovely!
    Your polka dot dress is amazing!

    Charlie, xo.