Friday, 21 October 2011

Italian adventure - Venice

Our few days in Venice were mainly taken up with lots of walking through narrow streets in the stifling heat looking for places to eat! The fish market was incredible! We had to travel in on a bus because we were staying off the island in a tent house on a campsite. It was quite luxurious having our own space and there was a pool, so a couple of days we came back early and swam and lazed in the sunshine.
Towards the end of our stay the weather dramatically changed and we had a very scary night with a crazy lightening store just above us! We made a blanket fort and tried to do many sudoku's to distract us from the -what we thought- inevitable death. 
Venice was beautiful, but we'd recommend going when it's a little colder. 
After Venice, we went to Bologna where it rained constantly and we ate loads of good food and shopped for two days before flying home again. I did take some snaps here (despite it being pretty ugly in comparison to everywhere els in Italy), but have misplaced the film I shot them onto.
So there we go, our Italian adventure is complete. I'm sorry that it dragged on, and that as it did so, I got more brief and lazy with my explanations.

This week I have been working on a few painted illustrations I'm making into a series of cards and I'm very excited to share these with you. At the moment I am trying to source the best place for me to get them printed, but I'm hoping to get them for sale online within the next month.


  1. Oh wow these pictures are gorgeous! What camera do you use?! Following xx

  2. these photos are so lovely!

    also, just wanted to say that i love your blog and will definitely be keeping up with future posts!

    from, helen @ thelovecatsINC