Friday, 23 December 2011

The last two weeks have been a blur of festive fun. Our flat is littered with pine needles, paper, holly and glitter. Since Liam finished work we've sat on the sofa finishing off christmas presents whilst watching far too many christmas cooking shows, only broken up by the feasting of cheese and crackers, roasted vegetables and cups of hot chocolate. Tomorrow we'll be spending the day baking and cooking, and hopefully a card game or two.
Sadly there's no snow so far this year (just an awful amount of hail, strong winds and chilling rain) But we're still dreaming of a white christmas.

I'm looking forward to dressing up fancy, eating lots, playing games and swaying along to Bing, with all the people that I adore.
I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and I'll see you in the new year! X

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  1. Happy Christmas, what an exciting year ahead! xx