Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year!

2012 for me means a new hair cut, becoming a mama and spending more time painting. I am looking forward to getting home (we're in Woking with Liam's family this week), taking down the christmas decorations and having a fresh start. Also to sort out all my wonderful christmas presents, among which were this new felt hat, the Frankie diary and this beautiful vintage purse necklace.
New years celebrations as a pregnant lady was very tiring. I foolishly thought that going to a house party being the only sober person would be fine, but it just led to me hanging about the kitchen eating all the sausage rolls and breadsticks, snatching at any sensible conversations that I could. Nether-the-less I had a pretty fun time catching up with friends, reminiscing over the music we used to listen to (far too embarrassing to repeat), trying to dodge drunken firework displays and being asked a kazillion times if I needed to sit down or go to bed.
I'm now exhausted after a long night shared with four snoring boys and a kicking baba, then a miserably cold drive back from Brighton. About to catch some shut eye before enjoying a Roast dinner with Liam's family. x

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