Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dr Caligari

Yesterday was a really strange day with a lot of mixed emotions. We had spent the night with my sisters at my parents house because they rushed into the hospice to see my Grandma, who passed away the following morning. It had been expected for a while and happened with a real peace, everyone happy in the knowledge she's free from all the pain and in heaven now. We spent the day together; crying and laughing, eating pancakes, playing with Hama beads, cuddling by the Aga and making a huge vegetable curry, which we all ate together that evening (accompanied with heaps of greek yoghurt - it was hot!)
That evening Dad had tickets to take Scarlett and I to the Poly to see a movie, and we decided to still go. It was to watch 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari', a 1920's silent horror film, which was accompanied by a live score of eering singing and lots of sound played by a man surrounded by wires. The band of four were dressed in black with dark green eyeshadow like the character, Cesare. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and vowed to bring everyone to the next silent film evening they showed. It was a wonderful way to end such a surreal day, as we walked back across the cobbled Falmouth streets to our car, we discussed the film and the loss of our beloved grandma with interchanging conversation.

In other news we are going away tomorrow, so don't expect to see much going on here for a week or so. Also we have only 12 weeks left till our babe enters the world! I'm feeling horrible at the moment, and its only going to get worse! This pretty snap was taken a few weeks ago by Liam, but to see my 27 week bump click here.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma, hope you and your family are okay.
    I still haven't see a film in the Poly, they have a good listing for February, so I'm definitely going to hope to go!
    You look beautiful! Your bump is lovely!
    Charlie, xo.

  2. Your Grandma is with Jesus in no pain and celebrating with the angels! Still so hard to say goodbye, much love to you and your family I will be praying peace and strength for you all. Your bump looks beautiful xx

  3. sorry for your loss, happy for your bump! love!