Sunday, 12 February 2012


This year I have started a daily journal (Liam's mama bought me this beautiful diary for christmas). I'm just writing a few sentences into each evening to sum up my day. My input for the 14th of January was "Liam baked me two loaves of bread for this week. We went for a walk across the beach to try out our new camera and then we ate leftover sausage and roasted sweet potato sandwiches for a late lunch. For dinner we had cereal." This pretty much sums up our Saturdays. I've just developed the film and these are the photographs from that lazy saturday afternoon.
They were taken on the car boot camera, a Canonet 2B, which was actually quite difficult to use as it was so basic that we felt as though we must be doing something wrong. And then to get the negative's back and see the blurred images, we realised we probably were (that or the camera may be broken - when we went to use it a part had fallen off so Liam spent a long time watching youtube videos and fixing it up).
Something about the soft haze between the camera and us warms my heart though, so I'll keep it for sunny days.
I'll update the other photographs from this camera during this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

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