Saturday, 7 January 2012

home sweet home

I have really appreciated our home and having our own space this last couple of weeks. After getting back, we've unpacked all our lovely new things and eaten through half of the sweet treats we gathered over the month. The christmas decorations have made their way home, and the tree was de-needled then hauled outside. We reckon we've just about caught up on our sleep and are trying to adjust back to where we were before we became duvet monsters, cocooned to the sofa watching Great Expectations snacking on dairy treats and carbohydrates (I realised I've had toasted raisin bagels with philadelphia every day of 2012 so far!)
I'm going to try and make extra effort this year to keep our home more organised and cosy for us and friends. It felt like we were away so long this trip and I missed our dear little flat and having our own things around us. I also realised how I do love to have our pals round. Last night we had a film night with my sister, India and Liams bestie, Josh (who are now boyfriend and girlfriend, ooooh!). Liam cooked us enchiladas and we watched a pretty depressing Bill Murray film called Broken Flowers. We then devoured more posh chocolates and looked through all the baby things we've been given already (yay to tiny knitwear!)
It's perfectly perfect to be home.

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