Thursday, 16 February 2012


We've been experiencing some particularly cold cornish days. This fact, mixed with Liam wanting to try out the camera has resulted in some incredibly unflattering photographs of me wrapped up in too many layers.
We're both wearing our new jumpers. Liam in his navy Guernsey that I snatched off the £1 rail in Cornwall Hospice - my dad's real jealous about this, because he's wanted one for ages. I'm in a baggy knit that was pinched from my sister in place of all the lovely skirts, shorts and tight-fitting dresses she's taken off my hands for the next few months. It's quite hideous in these photographs - I hadn't dressed it up well - but it's so darn soft, and these days I tend to float towards the cosy life. More and more I've been having afternoons in bed drawing or listening to the radio. My body is changing so much (see here) and I'm exhausted. Friday bought us up to 30weeks. As if the babe knew, they began to up-the-ante and kick their wee feet hard against my rips and my side. It looks hilarious to watch, but boy! does it hurt. Days are filled with sorting the flat, cooking, sleeping and listening to Radio 4.

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