Monday, 9 April 2012


This easter I look as though I have a big egg down my dress. I'm just over 38weeks now, 11 days till due date. I've been told this is the worst part, mothers-to-be clawing out their hair and wishing the baby would just come. But we're still pretty chilled about the whole thing. I think this is partly because, as ever, we've left a lot of things to the last minute, we've only just cleared all our art and music things from the babe's room to start painting it. So I'm not sat around twiddling my thumbs in an immaculate house with a freezer full of pre-cooked meals. I also think it's because we've tried really hard to make the most of every part of pregnancy and of our life left just as two. Although, of course, we're both dying to hold our babe and feel like a family, we're cherishing the moments we can still be alone together. We went out for pizza on Wednesday, and realised we were probably going out on our last date of just us for a while, which was pretty weird.
I'm not that immobile either (well, tying shoelaces has become quite impossible), I've remained quite flexible so I think that helps with keeping busy and distracted. I'm loving the size of my bump now, and the feel of teeny elbows and feet pushing against my body feels like expressions of love to us from our new little friend, who's eager to meet us too.
This morning we had possibly our last midwife appointment where we went through our birth plan and found out the baby was very low down, yay! My sister India's back from Edinburgh for a little while on Friday, and we're all praying it comes while she's back so she can meet her niece or nephew while they're still brand new!

Our big ideas for this week are to finish painting rooms and furniture, spend time with my sisters who are off school for the easter break, cook some large meals so we can shove leftovers in the freezer and I'm going to work on a painting I've started while thinking about pregnancy and my ballooning belly. I also want to pick some more blossoms from the park and put them in jars all around the flat to keep us cheery now the sunshine's gone back into hiding.

What are your plans for this week? Are you on holiday at the moment?


  1. Love these pictures and love this post, so happy for you both xxx

  2. You look beautiful! I'm so excited for you both, it's going to be such an amazing month for you!
    I'm glad that it's all going well and you're comfortable :) I'm so excited to see your little baby!
    Hope you had a lovely easter,
    Charlie xoxo.

  3. you look amazing, what an exciting time! Many blessings xx

  4. I'm so glad to have just found your blog through you following my blog. You are beautiful! Hi!