Friday, 8 June 2012


Firstly an apology for the severe lack of posting over the last two months. On the 18th of April, I gave birth to the beautiful 'Queenie Valentine Rose Brannigan'. Since then I've been way too in love to think about anything outside of our new family.
Queenie is amazing. I can't believe how perfect she is and how incredibly happy she's made us. I never thought I could love anything this much, it's overwhelming. For weeks we just lay around watching her, feeding her and sleeping, all snuggled up together. We were abundantly blessed by church friends who brought us meals for over two weeks, so we had all that time and space to just be.
On Wednesday she was seven weeks old. This time has flown by, she's grown so much and learnt so much already. We've watched her start to hold up her head, focus on people's faces, use her hands to grab things (in the last few days my hair - ouch!) and give her first smile - and so many since. I've never been a baby person, but when they're your own and you spend all the time with them, you see their personality. And our Queenie is a little pickle!
She's already quite a cultured chick, we've taken her to her first gig and an art exhibition where she participated in her first piece of artwork!
I'm not saying its all been easy, boy, those first few weeks were so tough. Nobody can express the change it makes, adjusting to hardly any sleep, learning to breastfeed, and all that while recovering from the birth! But it's all SO worth it.
All in all it's pretty amazing to have her around. We're loved up to the eyeballs and apologise beforehand for how soppy this blog is about to become!

I really love these two.


  1. Oh Holly this is such a beautiful collection of pictures! Queenie looks like a little dear, I am so happy for you and Liam and can't wait to meet her.

    Lots of love xxxxxx

    p.s this bought a little tear to my eye its so sweet !