Thursday, 30 August 2012


Last week we went camping. It was Queenie's first time under canvas, and camping with her was such fun. The sun warmed the tent and during the day it became an oven. We napped with all the doors open, hoping the breeze could cool us. But when night came, it was wintery cold. Even under our thick duvet and blankets, we shivered. Queenie slept in with us, all three curled up together. 

We were in Exeter at a church conference that we've been involved in every year, serving in the youth. This year we just helped out with setting up 'the Cabin'. We went up a few days early to decorate the beautiful log cabin which was tucked away by some trees on a hill. Once people arrived we sold sweets, drinks, had a bead stall and lots of games. We also held an open mic night, where my sister Minnie, and cousin Maisie sang a few songs. They'd been practising in their tent over the weekend and while Queenie slept in the afternoon, we lay beside her and listened to their incredible singing through the drumming of the rain. I actually really love camping in horrible weather, Its cosy to hear the storm outside but to feel so safe and dry in our tent.

It was such a great time, lovely to catch up with friends and spend time with people I don't often catch up with from church (there were lots of willing babysitters!) The meetings were brilliant too, we came away full of faith and ready for whatever life threw at us. And in my case, that happened to be a terrible cold and I've felt horrible for the last three days! Also, Queens had her final set of jabs yesterday so she's feeling down in the dumps too. So we're indulging ourselves with lots of cuddles whilst watching episodes of Charlie and Lola.

Minnie has also just started a blog, check it out here.

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