Friday, 17 August 2012


While Queenie sleeps I potter around silently trying to get as many jobs as I can done, while longing to snuggle up beside her and breath in her soft, warm smell.
I'm tired of feeling weighed down by a guilt of not having everything in order. Slowly I am becoming more used to this life and we are getting better. But I've decided to cherish this time and maybe live with a few piles of washing around us but being able to curl up with our baby and tell her stories and watch her grow.
I sneak a moment or two between folding clothes or washing up, to sit and watch her still little body and thank god I have such a perfect little family.

(Ps. How adorable is this dress?! A lovely present from her aunties when she was born.)

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  1. your pictures are always so amazing! how do you do it!