Friday, 12 October 2012

Baby cheeks

She makes me blissfully happy.

I wake each morning to little feet tapping on my back or her face burrowing into my chest. She strokes Liams face, gently pulling him from slumber. Once we're awake and looked into those beautiful eyes, she always, always smiles. All tears from the night before are forgotten (this girl is a serious sleep fighter). We kiss her until she squeals. Those cheeks are deep and perfect for smooching.

Last Saturday we all woke pretty late, lay a while and watched her morning excitement. She's finding her voice and growls up at us. We slowly got up and packed Liams rucksack and wrapped Queenie to my chest. The three of us took a long walk across the park, past the boating lake, over the river Gannel, where we stopped, pulled out a blanket and ate our sandwiches, while pointing out all the gulls to Queenie. Then we walked along side the river to the beach until the water wouldn't allow us to go any further. We picked blackberries and headed up the cliff, right up the headland where the strong coastal winds blew us into the pub. Liam grabbed us a corner table and ordered ginger beer and cheesy chips.
(Seriously, those cheeks! O_O)
After a while our batteries had recharged and I'd fed Queenie so we wandered along the headland, looking over at the beaches. I regret my camera was at the bottom of my bag for the whole walk because it was stunning. We'd caught a beautifully sunny day among a cold windy week, and Newquay never looked better. Although we were just a few miles from our house, but we felt like we'd been on a holiday. It's such a blessing to be able to get away from everyday things. While we walked, we talked. About recent thoughts, our dreams and hopes for the next weeks, months. We were able to realign ourselves and give fuel to our prayers. 
Liam's been looking for a new job as he's having to go down to part time for the church at the end of the month. This could be seen as negative, but we're so excited. I think he needs a change (like having a baby wasn't big enough!), and it's really great to see what Gods going to put into place for him! Time is flying by and he hasn't found anything yet, but we're full of faith that he will soon.

Besides, if all else fails, Mcdonald's is hiring....

(And here is a seriously cute photo from a birthday BBQ later that night. Our Queens loves to party.)

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  1. you have a lovely blog and these are beautiful pictures. found you through Jodi's 52 project