Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bolla Tay

We spent sunday afternoon at a small design fair featuring a pal of ours, Grace. She's mega talented, her illustrations are amazing enough, but she also writes beautiful poems and creates real sweet collaged wall hangings with vintage pictures, text and fabrics. I so need to spend more time with her because she's mega inspiring! In the new year I hope to start attending the life drawing class she goes to, and get those drawing muscles exercised.
Liam and Josh played music as people came in and out, drank tea, ate cake, chatted. It was such a great event. It was put on by a collection that Grace is a part of called 'Bolla Tay' which is cornish for 'cup of tea'. Check the group out here and follow Gracie's ramblings here. The work was all brilliant. We came home with two small prints, one for Queenie's room and Liam was given the other as a thank you for playing. I was encouraged to join them for their summer show. Im not sure but I definitely want to get painting again now Queenie is a bit older. We're pretty skint at the moment so we're making most of our christmas presents. I've been sewing and painting, and its been so therapeutic. We're not in Christmas mode yet. Though I'm sure we will be after Liam's birthday on Thursday.

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