Tuesday, 29 January 2013


A little bit late because we've been on the road for the most part of the last two days. We drove all the way from Cornwall to Scotland. With aching limbs and tired eyes we now sink into the bed of our hotel room and finally I can bring you this weeks photograph of our brilliant little lady.

"A portrait of Queenie Valentine, once a week, every week in 2013"

She wobbles in her new (to us) dress we found for an awesome 35p!

This girl is amazing. She was so content during the drive despite finally popping out her first tooth and having a bit of an earache. She sang, slept, stared at the traffic, chattered, played with a few toys, shed food all over the back seat of the car, read her books and cracked us the most heart melting of smiles. We just wanted to kiss her all journey. I suddenly realised that this girl isn't a baby anymore.
The past week has felt long; we've packed lots in and Queenie has grown in much the same way. She's moving at great speed (not crawling, its a sort of crab-like bum shuffle), she's grasped turning pages in books and has begun chatting to herself as she reads. She claps and has enjoyed playing the piano on her dada's new iPad.


  1. She looks like a baby from any era in this shot. It's just serene and beautiful. x

  2. What a sweetheart.
    My girls both bum shuffled too (long time ago now!) - they could go pretty fast!

    Ashlee x

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Kellie xx

  4. Oh, this is so lovely. Well, I just joined. So, I guess that makes me extra late.

  5. Lovely shot, I do love that little vintage gown. x

  6. Hello, so glad I found this place via Che and Fidel! I'm sure you will have lots of people stop by. I like your drawings, I want to see more x ruby

    1. Thank you so much Ruby. I'm still drawing every day I just need to get myself to a scanner and post them up here. Holly x