Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I thought last weeks post was late...
"A portrait of Queenie Valentine, once a week, every week in 2013"

A very excited lady. She licks the cold wind blowing in her face, enjoying our first stop in Scotland.

This might be my favourite photo of Queenie ever. She was so good in the car and so grateful to stop and stretch out and play with us before getting back for the final stretch. This week she has gained two teeth (her first ones!). She met loads of new people over the week and was good with them all. But she was happiest sat quietly on the floor in our ginormous hotel room, pulling all the clothes from her suitcase. Her favourite books this week are Hug and Guess how much I love you (a childhood favourite of my own), together we have read them over and over. Last week I mentioned she enjoyed piano on the iPad, but thats nothing in comparison to the way she loves the drums. On sunday morning we recorded her first song. It's pretty amazing.

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  1. oh that sweet baby. It looks as if she is taking in all the sights, sounds and wonder of the world around her. Joyful happy baby! what a lovely portrait. thanks for sharing. enjoy your week!