Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our wee bairn in bonny Scotland

At the end of January, we spent a week in Bonny Scotland. Edinburgh, to be precise. We drove the 9 and a half hour journey with a stop mid way in Birmingham. We were a bit nervous about how Queenie would take the travelling, but she was a star. The drive into scotland was beautiful. The snow dusted hills and dark, dense firs evoke such joy and wintery feelings. We were so excited to be on holiday, and so ready for adventure! Unfortunately our holiday decided to coincide with Queenie's first proper illness and the erupting of three teeth! It was also our first long trip with the wee bairn and soon realised we couldn't get as much done as we had first hoped. With all the nappy changes and breastfeeding cafe stops, we found time was gone so quickly. Not to mention the strong icy winds and all of that rain! We quickly learnt to appreciate the time away together and forget about getting lots done. 
Of course you may remember my lovely sister India lives in Edinburgh and it was her birthday while we were there. It was nice to spend some time with her and to see her adorable flat mates. We ate together a few times, and she took us to some delightful cafes. On Saturday we drove to Glasgow to visit an old friend I hadn't seen for years. We were able to meet each others menfolk and talk art, church, babies and work. I instantly remembered what bosom buddies we were and despite years apart we're still so similar. 
It was Queenie's first time in a hotel room. After family baths we'd snuggle in our big, fresh bed and read books then I'd feed her and we'd all sleep. They were my favourite moments of the trip. I fell more in love with these two over this holiday. They are just the best.
On the morning of our final day, we woke and sat a while people watching out the window. We felt refreshed and ready to return home. Our hearts yearned for the sea, our kitchen and the slowness of the countryside.
Next week I'll share a few places we went that I would definitely recommend for you to visit if ever in Edinburgh.