Wednesday, 24 April 2013


"A portrait of Queenie Valentine, once a week, every week in 2013."

Our last night in the flat, she was brimming with excitement.

The week was manic, we packed up our life in a week. My sisters were wonderful, playing with Queenie, taking her out for a few hours. One afternoon she enjoyed skating up and down the flat with Scarlett on Liams longboard, collaping in fits of giggles everytime they veered off and crashed into empty boxes. It was such a blessing for her to be occupied. When it was just her and I at home, she'd follow me around unpacking everything I'd just put into boxes! On Saturday, when we moved, she played with her mate, Vinnie on the carpet, while all around them the men carried car loads of our things into the house, and I tried to seek out a teapot. After everyone left, we sat in the quiet house, in the very quiet road and sighed. Queenie picked up her kitty and explored the rooms, chattering away to herself, unaware this was now her home.

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