Thursday, 2 May 2013


"A portrait of Queenie Valentine, once a week, every week in 2013."

Basking in her birthday afternoon sun.

I cherished this week with her, her last days before turning one. Sisters popped in and out, Scarlett stayed for a couple of nights and Queenie loved having her company. The sun shined most days and each evening we lay here in the warm sun, making puppets with the shadows, putting off bed time as long as we could. We grew up a lot this week, preparing herself for her birthday. Liam was away on the day, so we had pancakes for breakfast, then delayed any other celebrations for saturday. A few friends and a handful of doting aunties came round and we ate cake. I made a sponge with cream and fruit which she devoured. She went to bed a very happy girl with a full tummy, utterly exhausted and a year older. Wow.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 project

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