Monday, 15 July 2013

Wood you be able

I've been utterly useless when it comes to updating this blog recently. It's been a mission enough finding the words for the 52 projects and I'm a bit embarrassed that's all I've been posting. It's not what I want this space to be about, I just know that there's more I want to do and I like to think you'd want to see these things too amongst all the slushy baby snaps.
I've also been struggling a little with technology as a whole recently, which may have had a part to do with my absence. I think technology (iPhones especially) can so easily distract  us from living in the moment and seeing the beauty around us rather than flicking through beautiful photographs online. I love my iPhone and also really wish they didn't exist. It's an automatic thing that if there isn't something going on or I've forgotten what I'm doing, I unlock my phone and open Instagram. I haven't read a book for absolutely ages and it seems our decision to not get a tv license has just been made irrelevant by the Pinterest and minesweeper* apps! 
I like the idea of an iPhone free day once a week and for us to charge them outside of our room at night, but I'm not sure if we are brave enough. Now that's seriously sad we've become so reliant on something we didn't have four years ago.

In terms of photography, Liam bought me a lovely film camera for my birthday and we also need to get a new battery for our digital camera so I can stop always using my phone the whole time. I normally just buy the cheapest film I can get my hands on but can you recommend some particularly lovely ones to use? 

I took these snaps when we were staying in Woking with Liam's family mid April. One afternoon, while everyone else was busy we ventured out into the woods after a storm.

*I want to clearly state I am not the minesweeper fan, that's all down to Liam.

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