Tuesday, 24 September 2013

These seasons keep changing

And in a flash, summer is over. Sisters are back at uni, college and school. The temperature has plummeted and those dark clouds brought heavy, heavy rain this weekend.
We had a good one. Maybe one of the best yet? And we spent the whole of it here in Cornwall. No splendid holiday abroad (we came so close to a couple weeks in turkey, but queenies passport couldn't come in time), but you know what, we didn't need it. The sun has outshined itself (if that can be done). We negative British lived with a slight doubt in our hearts that it would last. Every week that the weather stayed glorious we would all mutter to shop assistants and people we'd meet how we couldn't believe it's still sunny. Children were astonished to break up in July and not have the sky filled with clouds, and to actually have pretty much six weeks on the beach. I'm not saying we didn't have a few cold days here and there but they were so outshone that I honestly don't remember a single one. My thoughts on this summer are like the memories of our childhood. I feel as though I relived the excitement and sheer joy of being ten, having just moved from grey Woking, to LIVING BY THE BEACH! My memories of the last two months will hold the same emotions and colours of those early years in Newquay. The slightly warped views on the weather (6 weeks of absolute boiling sunshine), remembering no housework or food shopping was ever done by my mother, and now me. 

I'm sad to think Queenie will have no recollection of this time though. She won't look back fondly of the hours she ran naked across the sand, jumped in the shallows and picked tomatoes in the garden. But I pray they are ingrained into her soul, that they bring a foundation on who she grows to be. That she may not remember the specifics but will love the sea and the sand. To think fondly of summer and when spending long, warm days similarly in the future she will know in the distance of her mind that she has done this before and it will feel home to her. 

Despite feeling all this positivity, I'm so grateful for nature, for the way God moves on the seasons. I'm tired and feeling a niggling to nest. I want rich foods and to pull out the wool blankets. My body is ready for autumn. My aesthetics have changed and I'm looking for warm muted colours, for dried out flowers and seed heads when on walks. I'm even feeling excited about the sounds of this torrential rain on our windows. 
I wrote this early September, but various things have kept me busy, so without time to organise photographs this post was left untouched until now. Besides, it feels more fitting now that Autumn has officially begun.

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