Friday, 4 October 2013

Yeah, I'm fine

Lately, when people ask me how I'm doing I've been vague and changed the subject. That's because I hate to lie, and I can't stand to moan about how I've been feeling. Which is hormonal, lethargic, nauseated, uncomfortable in my skin... Etc etc.
"Hey! wait a minute," I hear your brains whirring... "That sounds very like the first stages of pregnancy." So when I have told people 'yeah, I'm fine", what I've really wanted to say is "yeaaaaaaahhhhh mannnn, I'm so good! I'm feeling terrible but I'm so, so, so bloody excited!" Because, yes, I'm 13 weeks pregnant. I was hoping to keep it under wraps a little longer like last time, but the wee bump can't be hidden anymore. Its much bigger this time round, which I hear is the case second baby. However, it fluctuates in size, depending on how much I've eaten (which tends to be a lot, to keep the sickness at bay)!
So there you have it, our tiny family is on its way to becoming the large clan we dream of! 

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  1. Wow, such exciting news, congratulations!! I´m reading your blog since about a year now and I really enjoyed following your little family around. It inspired me a lot while my partner and I were trying to form our own little family (I´m 26 weeks now ^--^). I´m looking forward to see your family grow (I know your not so into writing long posts right now, but I also enjoy just looking at your beautiful pictures)!
    Take care of yourself!