Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Snapshots of our day. I clicked all morning but neglected to capture the afternoon.

A Monday.

I was expecting to find today really difficult. Liam was back to a set of late shifts after a few days off. Queenie has three new teeth fighting through and she woke numerous times in the night. We three were exhausted.

They left me in bed and had breakfast, then begrudgingly I swapped and got Queenie dressed while Liam slept. We pulled on our boots, coats, scarves and hats and ventured into the wind. A little hand clasped mine as we walked (very, very slowly) down to the village shop. For once it wasn't raining and we were even gifted with sudden washes of sunshine.

Later Liam could see I needed more rest so they went out to run some errands and left me to do nothing but change the bed sheets then curl up under them, treating myself to a little internet retail therapy with some of my leftover Christmas money. Bliss.

They returned. The littlest fast asleep in his arms. He made sandwiches then left for work. I slept while she did and woke to hear the faint croaks of her voice, followed by sweet, drawn-out notes from her harmonica.

I cooked us scrambled eggs with spinach as she sat beside me on the counter, chattering through mouthfuls of clementine.

After lunch I reminded her we'd made some play dough and pulled it out for her to play with. I collected items about the house that might make interesting impressions. She played for ages and I cleaned up the kitchen.

We tidied and read books for a few hours, every now and then the dark clouds would part and we were blinded by yellow light in through the big windows. Her meema drove over to collect us and we spent the evening with them, drawing, talking and eating. Finlay brought over a spiced pear and chocolate cake. I asked for the recipe, it was so divine.

She ended the day exhausted and teary, falling asleep at the last corner before our house. Hardly stirring as we carried her in from the car then laid her in bed. I feel much the same and have returned under the cool, clean duvet to write this before also slipping into a (hopefully deep and undisturbed) sleep. I am grateful for today, it was surprisingly easy and calm. I hope it has taught me to be expectant of beauty in the everyday.

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  1. I so love the way you write. I would also love the recipe for the spiced pear and chocolate cake. Please share!