Friday, 14 February 2014

A soppy post of gratitude and love.

On Wednesday a couple of wonderful women in our church invited us mama's of littles over to their house for the morning. They made us tea then played with our children leaving us to sit and talk. It was such a blessing. Thank you Kay and Amanda for doing this, you can't know how much of a difference it made.

That morning I had woken tired, really tired. The hormonal sort of tiredness where you feel on the brink of tears for no reason at all, the pressure of holding them in, tensing muscles and making your body ache. However you try to play it, you know you must be giving off bad vibes, you can sense your poor family walking on eggshells around you. Well that was me. I was a little nervous about leaving the safety of home feeling this way, afraid I'd explode into an unending series of sobs. I was wrong to feel this way. The company of friends and their conversations were healing. I felt my shoulders relax as we sat around the table talking about everyday things. It was a novelty in itself to drink two cups of green tea, still hot!

We all had lunch together then went on our way. When we got home I was feeling so much better. I was excited about the afternoon with Queenie and pulled out some paints then began cutting potato stamps -something I'd been meaning to do your months, as she pottered about the kitchen. We had such a lovely afternoon making valentines paintings for a few of our favourite people.

I'm typing this as I sit in bed, eating soft-boiled egg and toast soldiers, brought in to me by my very own valentines. Today Liam has the day off and we will probably have quite a low-key day. We want to take a trip to the garden centre to buy some house plants, but I think finances are telling us to wait until pay day for such an exertion. I think we will make butter biscuits to accompany Queenie's cards and deliver them to friends houses. Perhaps pop into the library and the allotment to see if there are any leeks left for a romantic dinner at home. Every year in the lead up to Valentines I'm not that fussed. I'm not a red roses and big shiny card sort of girl, but then the opportunity to show my love and appreciation to the most fantastic of men always wins and I turn a little soppy last minute. I like the idea of spending time baking gifts with my babies, so maybe that will stick as a little tradition for us. And I'll take a long lasting pot plant over an overpriced bunch of flowers any day, so maybe a garden centre trip can be repeated each year too. (It's so important to us in these difficult grey months to surround ourselves with green!) Do you have any plans for your valentines? Do you go all-out, or think its just a bore?

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