Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Jarvis is one. A switch flicked and it dawned on me that he had been in our lives a year. The automatic reaction was to think, oh my goodness, how has this time last so quickly? But then I sit back and realise I don't actually mean that. Honestly, I think what, is that it? Was there ever life before him? He feels as though his little bald head and gappy teethed giggle has always been a part of my day. I struggle to remember a time where he didn't disturb our sleep and when his soft, round body not be the first thing I hold in the morning. 

We love this boy. A new love blossomed a year ago when I birthed him. I was struck by how deep I fell for him. The bond between mother and son was different to that of my love for Queenie. Not more, just different, maybe... soppier? I was able to see that this is the way Liam had been with her. He always calls and searches for me when he is in need, yet she will always ask for her daddy. 

He is funny and silly, proudly strutting around the house. He hides in his hands and gives the sloppiest of kisses. He loves guitars and clapping and watching Queenie dance. He's also got a bit of an obsession with her collection of baskets and her little wooden broom. He doesn't eat much at the moment, but will never refuse blueberries of frozen peas. He knows love and how to love, fiercely he dotes on his Queenie. Our Jarvis Oak.
In the evening we visited Roskilly's where we fed piglets, goats and chickens, oggled at calves and prancing lambs and watched the beautiful cows being milked. We gorged on delicious ice creams before ending the day eating stone baked pizzas in Coverack harbour. It was summery and totally perfect. He ended the day screaming with teething pains and cried himself to sleep on the journey home, a true sign to any good party!

We celebrated his birthday with pancakes and presents in bed. Queenie had requested she had bought him a present. Earlier in the week, I'd pulled down her money box, filled with coins she had collected and gathered and popped them in her purse. Her first shopping trip, and an important one, showing her the value and blessing that comes with giving what you have. She picked a leather coin purse in the shape of a fish, and a hand felted chicken. She wrapped them herself, the sweetest of gifts.

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