Friday, 24 April 2015


Liam took this top photo earlier this morning. By 9:30 they'd already worked with terracotta then with beetroot, these hands of mine. It's  great way to start a day, using my fingers to create things I love. Today, pots and beetroot burgers. Therapy.

I'm rather fascinated by hands. Not the perfectly manicured soft skin type, but the hands of makers. Tough calloused hands, that show the marks of their trade. Dents on fingers left from long days drawing, gardeners with dirt deep in the fingernails. The burns and food stains that a love of hands-on cooking brings, paint flecks on fingers. Clay imbedded deep into cracks and creases. I love it all. Old hands who've lived long lives, that show their age, their beautiful, beautiful age.
The more I write these words, my inspiration intensifies. This idea that was initially just going to be a post on Instagram feels like it's bubbling into a creative endeavour. We shall have to wait and see... 

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  1. Yes! do something with that start of an idea! It would be a good project or study. I think. Maybe photos of hands.