Thursday, 14 May 2009

India's world.

India is an incredible painter (my sister), here are some photographs she took of me which then went on to become paintings. She'll get them back in October after being graded and I'll take some pictures for here.

These are from her first shoot. I love these pearls I got them from a bring-and-buy sale we did to raise money for the girl we sponsor. My friend Jenny bought them along, she said they belonged to a dead baby which is pretty gross but they're so lovely and the clasp is adorable! The dress is India's and the cardigan is a present from Grace.
This dress I made from an old skirt I got on the pound rail in the charity shop. The bag is one of my favourites!! I bought it in Penzance from a teeny antique store in the middle of nowhere, with a charming rabbit paw and gloves.
I'm not sure what happened to the bottom of this photograph, but to be honest, I think it's really sweet. This top is from a charit shop a few months ago and I made the flower clip.
I love this picture.
This is from India's second shoot. I was just about to go to Woking and I was exhausted and greasy and probably a little grumpy, but she got what she wanted!
Liam came to serenade us. Oh, just look at that rock and roll sneer!
I just love this photograph of him. XXXXX