Tuesday, 19 May 2009


On Saturday night was the fantastic Eurovision. We decided to have a mini fancy-dress party where me and my sisters, Liam and Sara all watched it and ate macaroni cheese and swine flu cake. Delish!
For my recent art project I'm looking at secrets and secret dens. We began to make a den this evening, but we all started arguing with tiredness and though it was probably best to put it off to a time with more energy and better spirits!
Gormless! Scarlett looked brilliant in that hat and a huuuuge quilt she held on her with one belt on her waist. She had a really long trail behind her!
The Eurovision group! (India, Sara, Ruby, Me, Liam)
Scarlett's discusting (but delicious) swine flu cake!
India the delightful snowflake!
I'm not sure what I was!
Ruby with gold face!(??) She said she wouldn't dress up because she'd just gotten back from her Bronze D of E and from the sounds of it, there wasn't too much sleeping involved!

Liam and I got a new car this week which is brilliant. A cute cherry red golf called Irene. We'll christen her this weekend! And yesterday we went to look at a house. I forgot to take a camera though so will need to visit again with one as I've already forgotten what it looks like. All I can remember is the ghastly peach carpet. I said to liam., I know it seems petty but I just don't think I can work with that!

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