Saturday, 23 April 2011

flowers flowers flowers

Its this time of year that the cornish hedgerows begin to blossom. Through the brambles and glass, out pops bluebells, primroses, buttercups and heaps of cow parsley. I get itchy fingers when we drive along windy cornish lanes, craving to pick some of those beautiful stems. Liam is very good at pulling over each time I squeal "stop!" at the excitement of seeing a beautiful clump of 'moon' daisies. (I've been using to find out all the names) 
Tomorrow, we are having the family over for an easter evening meal after hopefully an afternoon at the beach (the weather is turning a little grey after a week of perfect summer). Today I will be off on a long walk down the river, and I'm very excited about collecting lots of flowers to make into some spring time displays. I always envy Amy Merrick's nack for picking all sorts of plants, and bringing them together to make such beautiful displays (this post is a great example of this).

On the theme of flowers, a while a go I screen snapped these stills from Karen Elson's music video, The Ghost Who Walks.
I love all the flowers in her hair, about the coffin, scattered over the bed. I always dry my flowers after they start getting tired. But then I have so many dried flowers around that I end up having to through some out as they clutter about smelling musty and collecting spiders. If anyone has some exciting ways to reuse old, dried flowers (roses especially) please let me know!

I will be making a virtual moodboard of floral inspiration in my Tumblr, so do hop over and enjoy!

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