Saturday, 30 April 2011

I am a true royalist. If it wasn't for the size of our flat, the amount of pennies in my purse, and the look of 'nooo, not more!' from my husband, I'd buy anything with the Queen's face on.
Obviously I've been looking forward to the royal wedding. I even sunk to new depths of obsessed on thursday, after watching all previous royal wedding clips, I make a video of myself talking about how excited I was, and going through the royal memorabilia I have collected over the years. Sadly, every time I tried to youtube it, something went wrong, so it shall never be shared. (But thats probably for the best as Liam told me it was the saddest, most boring thing.)
I planned a party at ours, eating cucumber sandwiches whilst watching the big day projected on our kitchen wall. But in the end we decided to head over to ma and pa's as they have a Television, and imagine the disaster if our internet cut out! Liam and I walked round to theirs waving our british flags, dressed to impress and lugging bags of china. It felt quite surreal, I couldn't quite believe that so many people were walking round the shops like it was just another day...
It actually worked out wonderfully swapping venue, we spent the whole day lazing about with the best people gossiping about outfits, and drinking so much tea. Scarlett helped me with food and we made tonnes of sandwiches and scones to keep everyone going.
There aren't many pictures from our day because we were mainly sat in a darkened room watching BBC1, so I staged a few up this morning with bits from my outfit.


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  2. I LOVE the royal family! We use our royal collection to grow our herbs -

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  3. Oh that is a fab idea! It looks lovely! Glad I'm not the only one mad for the royals!! Xx