Friday, 28 October 2011


The last month has been filled with paint. I've designed a range of christmas cards that will be entering my empty shop very soon, as well as painting a few different projects and starting early on christmas presents. I'm starting to long to spend time with my sister, India and by keeping busy I don't miss her so much during our favourite time of the year. These figures are keeping me company during the day (I'm having a bit of a blue phase).
My plans for the next month are to sort out my shop (its been collecting dust for over a year), and put on a few bits a pieces. Then start taking on a few comitions. I'm new to all this (apart from seeing my papa do it during my childhood) and all the organising things is still quite thrilling. Today I spoke to a few printing companies on the phone and loved being all businessy with my notebook full of various scraps of paper. Liam is really pleased because I've started to use iCal and I'm making reminders and actually sticking to my to-do lists. What a grown up I am becoming!

We are planning a last minute get together with friends for halloween this weekend and I'm thinking papermache masks and pumpking soup whilst watching the Birds. Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have lots of fun! xo


  1. oh how i miss you and wish i was coming to halloween at your house! xxxxxxxxx

  2. just idly surfing and remembered I'd visited your lovely blog before (ages ago!) I love, love love your paintings and would be very interested in me! Have you heard of phoenix cards? I am sure they would buy something like this for their cards, not really sure how it works but maybe an idea? xxx