Saturday, 19 November 2011


I've had my christmas cards all printed. Aren't they beaut?
I'm selling them at The Little Yellow House in Penryn and Le Shed in Newquay, as well as sending them off to Leeds with a friend for a christmas craft fair. And of course I will be putting some in my etsy store. My account has been neglected for so long that it's has been suspended, so I am hoping to sort that all out, before putting them online by Monday evening. 

Last weekend, some of Liam's family were over from France, so we had all stayed in a big farm house in Dorset, and had an early christmas. We donned christmas jumpers, ate masses of food, played games by the fire, walked across the country and collected berries and ivy to make beautiful decorations. It was a fabulous time but was very surreal stepping back to the real world and finding it still only mid November. I'm feeling festive on my own at the moment, being banned by friends to start listening to christmas tunes yet. Has anybody else got this premature noel fever? 


  1. Those cards are really, really lovely!
    I'm at Tremough Campus for University, so weird! Is there shops in Cornwall you'd recommend, or places to go?
    Charlestown, xoxo.

  2. They are really gorgeous, do you think you could get them to Winchester by Saturday and I will sell them for you? I emailed you x