Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cards now on sale!

My christmas cards are now up for sale! Check them out here.
I also have a few other bits and pieces to put up there, so keep your eyes on the shop over the next couple of weeks, or follow Holly Blues on Facebook.

I'm now sitting back for a few days and focusing on christmas presents. I'm trying to make as many as possible, so poor Liam will have to put up with art things being everywhere for just a little bit longer!
Over the last week, the temperature has dropped to real cold. And I love it! We've pulled out all the winter furs and I've knitted a couple of scarfs to keep us snug! I'm praying for snow and indulging myself with all the christmas decorations in the charity shops. We're envying my sister who's living with an american girl who is cooking them all a Thanksgiving feast tonight. Anyone cooking up something special for this weekend?

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